Lakshmibai, Rani of Jhansi


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In Jhansi alone there were several thousand killed, we do not know how many, nor do we know more than the merest handful of names. If anyone knows any other names then write to me with the details and as much of the history as possible and I will happily add them to the list:-

  • Lakshmibai, Rani of Jhansi, killed at Gwalior
  • Moropant Tambe, the Rani's father, executed at Jhansi
  • Mandar, Lady in waiting and companion to the Rani, killed at Gwalior
  • Gulam Gaus Khan, artilleryman. (Khan, Moti bai and Khudabaks are memorialised together inside Jhansi Fort.)
  • Moti bai
  • Khudabaks

For the British dead we have a complete list:-

Killed at Jhansi on 7th June 1857 (taken from Smyth's Rebellious Rani)

  • Captain Alexander Skene, his wife and two young daughters
  • Mrs Browne, wife to Capt Browne, Deputy Commissioner of Jalaun
  • Miss Browne, sister of Capt Browne
  • Captain F. D. Gordon, 10th Madras Infantry, Deputy Commissioner of Jhansi
  • Lieutenant Burgess, Revenue Surveyor, Bundelkhand
  • Lieutenant Turnbull, Assistant Revenue Surveyor
  • Lieutenant Powis, Asistant Surveyor, Irrigation. Mrs Powis and their young daughter
  • Dr and Mrs McEgan
  • Mr T Andrews, Principal Sadar Amin, Jhansi
  • Mr R Andrews, Deputy Collector and Magistrate, Mrs Andrews, two young sons and two young daughters
  • Mr W Carshore, Collector of Customs, Mrs Carshore and four children
  • Mr D C Wilton, Mrs Wilton, one child and two sisters of Mrs Wilton
  • Mr D D Blyth, Assistant Revenue Surveyor, Mrs Blyth and her mother and four children
  • Sergeant Millard, Sub Assistant Revenue Surveyor, Mrs Millard and three children
  • Mr Burnett, Sub Assistant Revenue Surveyor
  • Mr J Young, Sub Assistant Revenue Surveyor and Mrs Young
  • Mr G Young, Apprentice
  • Mr Palfreyman, Apprentice
  • Mr Munrow, Sub Assistant Revenue Surveyor
  • Mr A Scott, Head Clerk, Deputy Commissioner's Office
  • Mr C Purcell, Head Clerk, Superintendent's Office
  • Mr J Purcell, Clerk, Commissioner's Office
  • Mr Mutlow, Clerk, Superintendent's Office
  • Mr Mutlow, unemployed, brother of above
  • Mr D G Elliott, Clerk, Deputy Commissioner's Office
  • Mr and Mrs Elliott, parents of above
  • Mr Fleming
  • Mr Crawford
  • Captain Dunlop, 12th Bengal Infantry, commanding at Jhansi
  • Lieutenant Taylor, 12th Bengal Infantry
  • Lieutenant Campbell, commanding detachment 14th Irregular Cavalry
  • Quarter-Master Sergeant Newton, Mrs Newton and two children

A total of 66 people of which 20 were children and 16 women.

Of the whole party, one person managed to evade death. Mrs Mutlow, wife of the Clerk Mutlow, was Eurasian and managed to mingle with the crowd and escape. Her statement about these events is included on this site.

I have had a communication from a descendant, the great great grandson, of Mr A Scott. Until recently he, and his parents before him, had been residents of Jhansi.

Seige of Jhansi

In the siege and capture of Jhansi the British forces sustained 38 dead, British and Indian soldiers, and 215 wounded. Of the wounded 22 were mortally wounded and died, giving a total of 60 dead and 215 wounded. Of the wounded 22 were mortally wounded and died, giving a total of 60 dead. This does not include casualties sustained at the Battle of Betwa.

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