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I have adopted a date of 1828 for Lakshmibai's birth. For the reasoning behind this see the page on her Early Life. Others claim it was later in 1835, say.

1828 Birth of Manikarnika
She is born to Bhagirathi in Varanasi (Benares). Bhagirathi is believed to have died about 2 years later leaving Manu to be raised by her father Moropant Tambe. When she was about 4 years old he moves to Bithur where they remain for her childhood. (more...)

May 1842 Marriage to Gangadhar Rao, Raja of Jhansi
Manikarnika becomes Lakshmibai, Rani of Jhansi, at the age of 14. She is his second wife, the first having died childless. It is said that Lakshmibai gave birth to a son but that he died after 3 months. (more...)

1853 Nov 19 Adoption of Damodar Rao
On the day before his death he is persuaded to adopt a son, Damodar, to be his heir. This is in accordance with custom and to ensure that the British understand this the two senior BRitish officers are invited to attend the ceremony. (more...)
1853 Nov 21 Death of Gangadhar Rao
1854 Feb 27 Dalhousie refuses the appeals against annexation of Jhansi
1854 An appeal to London is turned down
Lakshmibai is obliged to surrender Jhansi to the British and takes up residence in the Rani Mahal and is granted a pension. The people of Jhansi have several causes for grievance under British rule including loss of income from the dissolution of the court and the British permitting cows to be slaughtered in Jhansi and so offending Hindu sensibilities. (more...)

1857 May 10 Revolt against the British in India begins in Meerut.
1857 Jun 5 Elements of the Jhansi garrison mutiny
The mutineers take control of the Star Fort which was outside the city. The British and Eurasians take shelter in the fort in the town where they hold out for a few days. (more...)
1857 Jun 8 British and Eurasians are massacred
The British officers agree to leave the fort under a promise of safety from the rebels. Instead they are taken to Jokan Bagh and killed. (more...)
1857 Jun 11 The mutineers and rebels leave Jhansi
They head for Delhi which was serving as the rallying point for the rebels. Before leaving they force Lakshmibai to supply them with money and supplies threatening both her life and to replace her with another claimant to the throne. (more...)
1857 Jun 12 Lakshmibai writes to the British
She writes to explain what has happened and asks for help. (more...)
1857 Jun 13 Attempted Coup d'Etat
Sadishev Rao launches a coup against Lakshmibai. She quickly suppresses it and imprisons him. (more...)
1857 Jun 14 Lakshmibai writes a second letter to the British
1857 Jul 2 Major Erskine writes to Lakshmibai
Erskine replies to Lakshmibai in a letter which asks her to manage Jhansi for the interim. Shortly after is reprimanded for this and this is the only time the British contact Lakshmibai. (more...)
1857 Oct 3 - 22 Jhansi besieged by Orchha
After the mutiny in Jhansi the neighbouring states of Datia and especially Orchha encroach on Jhansi territory culminating in Orchha laying seige to Jhansi. (more...)
1858 Jan 1 Lakshmibai writes to Hamilton
She writes to Sir Robert Hamilton seeking clarification of Jhansi's status. Hamilton does not reply. (more...)
1858 Jan 6 Start of the Central India Campaign
General Sir Hugh Rose starts his operation to suppress the rebellion in Bundelkand, including Jhansi. (more...)
1858 Jan-Mar Lakshmibai prepares the defence of Jhansi
She recruits more into her army, lays in stores, has more cannon and munitions built and contacts the rebels at Kalpi. Nonetheless she does not seem to have given up hope of a peaceful outcome. (more...)
1858 Mar 21 British arrive at Jhansi
Rose's force arrives outside Jhansi, surrounds the town, starting to fire on the town 2 days later on the 23rd. Although the resistance is fierce the British are able to wear down the rebel's artillery and then concentrate thier fire to create a breach in the walls. (more...)
1858 Mar 31 Battle of Betwa
Tantya Tope arrives with a large but largely poor quality force in an attempt to relieve Jhansi. Rose splits his force to maintain the siege and to face Tantya Tope's force. Tope is defeated with high losses. (more...)
1858 Apr 3 Capture of Jhansi
The British finally launch an assault on the Jhansi and are able to force an entry into the town. Although the Fort is still intact Lakshmibai flees during the night and joins the rebels at Kalpi. During and after the battle for Jhansi several thousand are killed. Lakshmibai's father is captured and hung. Over three days the British plunder Jhansi. (more...)
1858 May 6 Battle of Koonch
Rose defeats the rebels. (more...)
1858 May 22 Battle of Kalpi
Again Rose defeats the rebels in what he believes is the final battle. (more...)
1858 Jun 1 The rebels take Gwalior
After the defeat at Kalpi, the British had thought the rebels were finished, however they marched to Gwalior where they were faced by the Raja of Scindia. Thanks to his army changing sides at the start of the battle he was forced to retire leaving Gwalior in the hands of the rebels. (more...)
1858 Jun 17 Death of Lakshmibai
Lakshmibai was most probably killed, or mortally wounded, during an action at Kotah-ki-Serai near Gwalior. The exact circumstances are unclear as several differing and incompatible accounts exist. (more...)

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