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I do not have access to the original source material, but where I have found a document quoted I have transcribed it as faithfully as possible and have avoided changes to format, spelling, etc.. I have used the most complete document available. In general these documents are actually extracts from the original. Where I, or someone else, has added an explanatory comment it is in square brackets ([]). Missing text is indicated by ellipsis (...) unless it is at the beginning or end of the document in which case it may be assumed.

I have collected together documents relating to the Annexation of Jhansi and The Mutiny and Massacre of Jhansi and offered my own comments on them.

In general the documents listed below are in chronological order with the exception of the statements of witnesses to the mutiny and massacre. These statements were made sometime after the events but I have chosen to list them according to the date of the events rather than the date of the document, in order to provide a more coherent narrative, but be aware that this testimony was not necessarily available to the British at that time.

The documents will appear in a separate pop-up style window. If you are clever and arrange the 2 windows sensibly you can simply click through the documents.

1853 Nov 4 Sleeman, William Major Malcolm A letter to Major Malcolm giving Sleeman's view on how the Rani should be treated.
1853 Dec 3 Jhansi Rani Dalhousie The first of her letters contesting the annexation
1854 Feb 16 Jhansi Rani Dalhousie The second of her letters contesting the annexation.
Prior to 1854 Feb 26 Council of Dalhousie Dalhousie Extract of report on the succession of Jhansi
1854 Feb 27 Dalhousie et al Draft justification for annexing Jhansi.
1854 Mar Lang, John Lang's account of his consultation with the Rani.
1854 Mar 25 Dalhousie Extract of a minute regarding the inheritance rights of Damodar Rao.
1854 Apr 22 Jhansi Rani Dalhousie Her third letter requesting a delay in the annexation, but declaring that Jhansi would not resist the annexation with force.
Unknown Mrs Mutlow Her statement with respect to the mutiny and massacre
1858 Mar 23 Sahibuddin. one of Skene's orderlys His statement with respect to the mutiny and massacre.
Unknown Unnamed customs clerk His statement with respect to the mutiny and massacre
Unknown Captain P.G. Scot His report gleaned from three independent witnesses on the mutiny and massacre.
Unknown Aman Khan, Jhansi mutineer An extract from his statement regarding the involvement of the Rani.
1857 Jun 12 Jhansi Rani Major Erskine Written immediately after the mutineers left Jhansi. It describes the events of the mutiny, massacre and the initials steps she has taken to restore order.
1857 Jun 14 Jhansi Rani Major Erskine A follow up letter with an accompanying report (not available here) on the status of Jhansi and a more detailed report of the mutiny and massacre.
1857 Jun 14 Jhansi Rani Major Erskine The Narrative of Events that accompanied her letter of June 14th 1857.
1857 Jun 29 Major Ellis Secretary to Lord Canning Telegram giving an account of the mutiny and massacre from some Indians who had been inside the fort.
1857 Jul 2 Major Erskine Jhansi Rani Requesting her to assume control of Jhansi until a new Superintendent can be sent.
1857 Jul 2 Major Erskine The Proclamation sent to the Rani with his letter of 2nd July 1857
1857 Jul 2 Major Erskine Secretary to Lord Canning Giving the Rani's accounts of events, detailing his own actions, and other events.
1857 Jul 23 Secretary to Lord Canning Major Erskine Giving conditional approval to Erskine's actions and expressing doubt on the Rani's veracity.
1857 Aug 18 Mr Thornton/Major Erskine Unknown Extract from a statement implicating the Ranee in the massacre.
1857 Nov 19 Gulam Muhammad, one of Skene's orderlys His deposition before a magistrate with respect to the mutiny and massacre.
1858 Jan 1 Jhansi Rani Sir Robert Hamilton, Agent Governor General for Central India Detailing the troubles with Orchha and Datia and pleading for help.
1858 Jan 8 Unknown Extract of British intelligence report of comments by the Rani that she would not fight the British.
1858 Jan 16 Gopal Rao, record keeper of Jhansi Major Erskine Reporting political and military preparations in Jhansi
1858 Feb 14 Jhansi Rani (assumed) Proclamation of rebellion
Early 1858 Jhansi Rani Translation of a letter to the Raja of Banpur and others
1858 Apr 30 Hugh Rose Rose's account of the siege and capture of Jhansi
Unknown Vishnu Godse Extract from his account of the massacre in Jhansi
Early April 1858 Jhansi Rani Translation of a letter to the Raja of Banpur and others
1858 Jun 11 Secretary to Lord Canning Mr R Hamilton Advising Hamilton that a reward may be given for the capture of the Rani
1858 Oct 13 Gen Hugh Rose Chief of Staff Extract from Rose's report on the battle for Gwalior in which he mentions the death of the Rani
1858 Jun 25 Brig. M W Smith Gen Hugh Rose Smith's report on the actions around Kotah-ki-Serai
1858 Nov 4 Pinkney F. W. Secretary to Government, Bombay A letter explaining the confiscation of property of the Rani and others, along with a summary of the evidence against the Rani.
1889 Aug 20 T. A. Martin Damodar Rao Letter of unknown provenance exonerating the Rani of complicity in the massacre of the British.
1897 Summer Mr. Martin John Venables Sturt Extracts from three letters by a Mr Martin to John Venables Sturt telling of the death of the Rani, her innocence of rebellion, and mentioning an autobiography of Damodar Rao and a biography of the Rani by Damodar Rao.
1912 G. W. Forrest Short extract from Forrest's Introduction to his Selections From The State Papers Preserved In The Military Department.

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