Letter written by Major Erskine to Lakshmibai on the 2nd July 1857. This is the British translation of his Persian.

Translation of a Khureeta from the Commissioner Saugor Division to the Ranee of Jhansee dated 2nd July 1857.

After Compliments-I have received your letters of the 12th and 14th of June sent by your Hurkaras Bhuwanee and Gungadhur, and have understood the contents.

I hope very soon to be able to send Officers and Troops to restore order in Jhansee, and European Troops are being rapidly sent up the Country to the disturbed districts but until a new superintendent arrives at Jhansee, I beg you will manage the district for the British Government collecting the Revenue, raising such Police as may be necessary and making other proper arrangements such as you know the Government will approve, and when the Superintendent takes charge from you, he will not only give you no trouble, but will repay you for all your losses and expenses, and deal liberally with you.

I send you a Proclamation with my seal and signature, both in Persian and Hindee, announcing that you will until further orders rule the District in the name of the British Government and calling on all to pay you the Revenue and obey your orders.

You may depend on my word that order in all part of India will soon be restored now that the Mutineers and Rebels, who collected at Delhi have nearly all been killed in battle, or plundered and murdered by villagers or hung by the Government Officers in different places.

I enclose you a copy of the Proclamation I issued on hearing of the taking of Delhi.

The Kings and other great men who caused these disturbances did so in the hopes of benefiting themselves and not to benefit you or the people of the Country but they are now in confinement and the wicked who are permitted to live a short time longer bitterly repent their foolish and wicked conduct.

I also send you a copy of a letter I wrote to you on the 23rd ultimo, which you may not have received.