The Proclamation which Major Erskine sent to Lakshmibai with his letter of the 2nd July 1857. In a subsequent letter she states that she did not receive it.


Be it known to all people belonging to, or residing in the Government District of Jhansee, that owing to the bad conduct of the Soldiers some valuables lives have been lost, and property destroyed, but the strong and powerful British Government is sending thousands of European Soldiers to places which have been disturbed, and early arrangements will be made to restore order in Jhansee.

Until Officers and Troops reach Jhansee, the Ranee will rule in the name of the British Government and according to the Customs of the British Government and I hereby call on all great and small, to obey the Ranee, and to pay the Government Revenue to her, for which they will receive credit.

The British Army has retaken the city of Delhi and has killed thousands of the rebels, and will hang or shoot all the rebels wherever they may be found.